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What you should know about *LASER GENESIS*

Consider it a laser facial fitted for both men and women looking to improve the tone and texture of their skin.  It is a noninvasive procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin and refresh the appearance through the correction of scars, large pores, redness, and fine lines/wrinkles.  Through the use of a precise hand piece, Laser Genesis is able to target any area on the face, neck, or body and helps in getting rid of your skins imperfections from the inside out.  Laser pulses are guided over the skin, gently heating the dermis, promoting a vibrant, healthy glow, and boosting the body’s natural collagen production.
With this procedure, there is little to no down time, with most of our patients experiencing minimal discomfort.  Considering that it is a 30 minute procedure, and may cause mild redness or skin irritation that generally fades over the first hour, patients can comfortably return to work or school immediately following the procedure.
Typically patients will require between four and six treatments, spaced about a month a part to achieve the best results.  It can provide those frustrated with facial scars, discoloration, or premature signs of aging with continued improvement of appearance over the next coming weeks.
It is important to note, patients should have realistic expectations for their results.  Consult with us today about a Laser Genesis treatment!