Laser Liposuction

Laser-Assisted Liposuction, Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting/Contouring Treatments

We offer two treatments for removing fat and body sculpting/contouring: minimally-invasive Smartlipo TriPlex™ and non-invasive TruSculpt® 3D.

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Minimally-Invasive Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting/Contouring

Smartlipo TriPlex™ is the most advanced laser lipo system available.  It is a minimally-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction.  We were the first to offer Smartlipo TriPlex™ in the Greater Hartford area. This patented, proprietary technology enables our medical providers to not only better remove fat and perform high definition laser body sculpting and contouring, but also to simultaneously tighten skin and supplement or augment traditional methods of cellulite treatment.  Further, we can effectively treat localized fat deposits in the face and body and areas of high vascularity and flaccidity.  The procedure is performed in an office visit in our Bloomfield, CT practice and causes minimal patient downtime.  A small cannula (tube about the size of the tip of a pen) with a laser fiber inside of it is inserted under the skin.  Through this cannula, laser energy is delivered directly to the fat cells causing them to rupture while producing new collagen resulting in tissue tightening.  The liquefied fat is then gently suctioned out.  Further, the three laser wavelengths contained in Smartlipo TriPlex™ allows us to customize treatments based on the nature of your concerns.

TruSculpt® 3D is the latest and most effective procedure for non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting/contouring. We were the first to offer TruSculpt® 3D in the Greater Hartford area.  The Cutera TruSculpt® 3D uses a proprietary radio frequency (RF) technology that allows uniform heating of the subcutaneous fat layer at sustained therapeutic temperatures.  The fat cells are destroyed during this process and then broken down/disposed of by the body over up to three months.  The TruSculpt® 3D treatment is ideal for removing those small amounts of fat that stubbornly remain despite a good diet and exercise.   The TruSculpt® 3D system is also used for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite.  Compared to older, alternative approaches such as freezing and ultrasound, truSculpt® 3D is more comfortable, faster, tightens the skin and usually only requires one treatment. .  The procedure is performed in an office visit in our Bloomfield, CT practice and causes no patient downtime.

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