The Abbey Journal

Tattoo Removal

If you’ve gotten a tattoo that you regret or no longer like, you might be wondering the best way to get rid of it. With the latest technologies, such as the Enlighten laser by Cutera which combines dual wavelengths of Pico and Nano Second pulse speeds, tattoos of any color can be completely and safely removed from any skin type or tone. The number of treatments that is necessary to remove the tattoo may vary on a case by case basis which is due to variation in type, depth and colors of ink involved. Your medical provider would be able to determine this during your consultation. However, significantly fewer treatments will be required with the Cutera Enlighten than with traditional q-switched technology. Tattoos that have been previously treated without successful removal or lightening can be removed as well. This is because with multiple wavelengths and pulse speeds to work with, up to 3 times the energy with 1064 nm and 1.5 times the energy with 532 nm, and the broadest range of fluence and spot- size collection, the optimal treatment protocol for each patient can be customized. Our medical providers can effectively and efficiently deal with any ink color and particle size at any depth and skin type. Optimal results are achieved due to the ability to use multiple settings within the same tattoo for complete lightening or removal of the tattoo.